Poznan Book Fair and the 23rd Education Fair have just finished. On 1-3 March 2019 the events were visited by 54 000 people.


During the Poznan Book Fair the visitors had an opportunity to participate in a real reading festival. The exhibitors presented an abundant offer in which everyone could find something for  themselves, the publishing houses prepared  author's meetings, workshops and organized activities during everyone could exchange their experiences and insights regarding literature . Each day in the 4 workshop zones were held many creative activities which delivered a lot of joy, smile and which will certainly be remembered for a long time.


During the fair one could meet many inspiring authors and talented illustrators. Everyone had a chance to exchange a few words with their favourite author, ask them for an autograph or take a picture. During more than 100 meetings the fair events were visited among others by Jakub Małecki, Marcin Szczygielski, Piotr Socha, Bohdan Butenko, Andrzej Maleszka and many other authors. Those meetings were accompanied by many touching moments and positive emotions.


Apart from the great literature, the events constituted an opportunity to see the amazing illustrations presented during the Illustrators’ Showroom. . Many emotions also arouse the exhibition displaying the works of Piotr Socha under the cycle Master of Illustrations.


We would like to thank everyone for those 3 days full of passion, great literature and pleasant meetings.


See you next year!